Staff Applications Rules

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Staff Applications Rules

Post by CyClon3 on Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:43 am

-Need 5 supports from level 2+ or higher admins

Before applying you must:

1. Be active and useful.
2. Have a score higher than 1000.
3. Respect the players and the administrators.
4. Speak and write understandable English.
5. Have at least +1 week or +7 days in-game.
6. Respect and follow all of the server rules
7 .Needmore than  to have 15+ posts in the forums

Why Your Application Got Denied?

- Not reading the stickies: What NOT to do to get hired, Posting in people's applications, Not being patient
- Messaging admins about your application
- Lying in your application
- Copying other applications
- Being banned/tbanned from any server while your application is open
- You have resigned in the last 3 months, no exceptions.
- Breaking any Community/Forum rules.


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